Forest Highlands Foundation 2020 Annual Report


We were homeless on and off for the past two years because my husband lost his job. Flagstaff Shelter took us in when we had nowhere else to turn. They provided emergency shelter, medical, and food sup- port through North Country HealthCare and the Family Food Center until finally through their housing program, we were connected with a wonderful landlord who was willing to work with our family to find us housing again.

43,000 Beds are provided to people in crisis Thank you, Flagstaff Shelter Services! And thank you to all the people who support to these charities that have helped our family and so many others. -Veronica and Jonathan, Parents of 4 children ” We now have a permanent home in a one-bedroom apartment and additional rent support for eight months! It doesn’t sound like much, but we are so grateful to have this chance to get back on our feet. It really means the world to us.

728 Meals are served on-site through Flagstaff Family Food Center

2,000 People receive shelter, food and other life-saving services

300 New households find stability

104 On-site health clinic visits are conducted through North Country Health Care

16 Counseling services are made available



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