Forest Highlands Foundation 2020 Annual Report

GRANTS COMMITTEE REPORT Dr. Ethan Braunstein Chair 2020

The Grants Committee is comprised of volunteers who are drawn from the Foundation Board and non-Board residents of Forest Highlands.

Renee Haas Chair 2021

It is central to the function and mission of the Foundation - both with regard to support for Flagstaff not-for-profits and as a steward for the philanthropy of Forest Highlands residents. In its stewardship role, the Committee has developed substantial institutional expertise with regard to the Flagstaff not-for-profits. It meets regularly with non-profit management, conducts site visits, makes assessments of requests for support, and evaluates the operating effectiveness of the many local non-profits seeking assistance. This experience helps insure added value in the application of members’ generous donations to a diverse and effective group of grantees. Operating within budgets set by the Foundation Board, the Committee does the work to authorize grants to not-for -profits – either directly or in collaboration with the Arizona Community Foundation and 18 other funding organizations that engage in a process that ACF chairs. Forest Highlands Foundation has become a reliable and important source of support in this process, contributing in excess of $5,000,000 over the 20 years ending in 2019. In the difficult year of 2020, the generosity of the Forest Highlands community has allowed the Foundation to significantly increase its annual grants total to $ 417,218. The following is a list of grants made during the year. They appear by date granted and are listed alphabetically in each date category. Grants made through the spring months were in response to special requests from Grantees as they felt the initial effects of the pandemic. August grants were in conjunction with the usual Arizona Community Foundation collaborative process,



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