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A Turkey... Deconstructed We have our annual Thanksgiving To-Go in full swing! Call to order today before we sell out: 928-525-1100 We have a brand new option this year for our

Changes to Plastics Recycling

all-natural Roger’s Poultry Turkeys: Deconstructed, or Norman Rockwell (whole)... The idea is simple. White meat and dark meat don’t cook at the same rate, so why not treat them the way they want to be treated? Roast the dark meat until it’s falling-off-the-bone-tender and roast the breast meat just long enough to keep it tender and juicy. When you place your order just let the staff know that you want your turkey deconstructed by Chef Eddie!

Empty Plastic Bottles & Containers

Changes to the specific plastics that China is now willing to accept has sent the international markets for recycleables into a panic. Norton (the company we were using for trash & recycling services, who has since sold to Waste Management) was suddenly unable to find buyers for the types of plastics that used to go to China. The only types of acceptable containers for recycling are items that fit a “bottle, jug, or jar shape.” Want to know more?


Forest Highlands Catering Services

Currently Recyclable through at FH!

Forest Highlands catering is here for you all year long to organize your special event you. We are prepared to host weddings, holiday parties, office gatherings, house parties or a special occasion dining experience, we can take care of it for you. See what take out platters we have to offer or call Karen to book your date today. See what take out platters we have to offer:

or contact Karen to book your date today. ● (928) 525-5227 CLICK HERE

Empty Glass Bottles & Jars

Empty Food & Beverage Cans

Lost and Found The Recreation Department has lots of children’s clothing left from the Summer, come by and see if any of it is yours!

Clean Cardboard & Paperboard

Clean Paper


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