VIP November 2018

O ver the last two weeks it seems like winter is fast approaching in Flagstaff. Many of the trees that have been showing the bright gold and red colors have begun dropping leaves and the ponderosa needles seem to be ever more present on the ground throughout the community. While the sun has been bright, and the afternoons crisp, the mornings and nights telegraph the weather that is on the horizon. The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for above average snow in Northern Arizona, so we hope that many of you will take advantage of the Club being open on weekends to enjoy our winter wonderland at Forest Highlands. Much of the last month has been spent winding down the Club for the season and winterizing facilities that will not be used until next Spring. We have also started the process of aerification on the Canyon course in preparation for putting the course “to bed” for the Winter. The Meadow course will soon follow the same routine, but is still open until November 4! Please give the Golf Shop a call to find out about availability for the last remaining days of golf at FH in 2018! The other major task has been the 2019 Annual Budget process. Department Heads have been working with Patty and I, as well as their Committees, to develop the financial “map” for 2019. After many iterations, including looking in detail at nearly every service the Association provides, the 2019 budget was presented to the Finance Committee on Tuesday of this week. After a few more changes from the Finance Committee, the budget will be presented to the Board for approval at the meeting on November 19th! This is a very intensive process and I want to thank the Managers, Committee Members and Board Members who have been active in the process. Ideas and suggestions shared with us from the Membership have been given much consideration and discussion. We are faced with mandated increases in minimum wage both in the State and a higher increase in Flagstaff. That pressure is affecting costs not only in payroll but anticipated costs of services and products that the Association utilizes. All of the people mentioned above worked very hard to mitigate those increases and limit the

Bill Griffon, General Manager/COO

proposed increase in dues. Season plans will be the next major task ahead for the Leadership Team along with a thorough review of the current guest program in an effort to simplify the program. We are beginning the process of hiring a replacement for Drew Annan. The Association received over 60 applications for the position. Six finalists will be interviewed via Skype this week. Those candidates will be narrowed down to two or three that will be interviewed in person at Forest Highlands later in the month. The selection committee is made up of 8 Members and 2 Staff Members who have been working through the process of narrowing down the field. We are blessed with so many qualified candidates and believe that the six we have selected to move forward will provide us with the best candidate to pass the torch and shepherd the Meadow, Canyon, and Grounds of Forest Highlands into the future. Congratulations to Teri Schwab and Dirck Iacobelli on being elected to the Board. I know that the Leadership Team is looking forward to working with both of them as well as continued support from Jim Robinson who is returning for a second term. Many thanks to Dennis Blair, and Tim Thomas for their support as they transition off of the Board. While things are slowing down, there is still much to do here at Forest Highlands over the coming months. Please keep an eye out for updates and e-mails from the Club as well as keep looking at the calendar for scheduled events! I HIGHLY suggest that if you are going to be at Forest Highlands over Thanksgiving that you sign up for the take-out feast that Chef Eddie will be preparing for Thanksgiving! You won’t want to miss it. Let us do the cooking while you spend time with family and football! Enjoy the fall, whether in the Valley or here at Forest Highlands. I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you can celebrate with family and friends all we have to be thankful for in our lives. We hope you will spend some of that time in the high country. Until then…

Bill Griffon, General Manager/COO



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