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Club News................ 6 Security.................. 13 Golf......................... 14 Recreation. ............ 16

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September is going to be busy on the golf scene. From September 11-19 we are hosting the 33rd Women’s Mid-Amateur. This will be the 4 th USGA event hosted by Forest Highlands. The tournament will be held on our Meadow Course and it will be a chance to see some excellent players. The tournament is for women 25 and older who have qualified for the event. We are looking for volunteers and I urge you to sign up and volunteer. As someone who was very involved in the USGA Girls Junior Tournament in 2014 I can tell you it is fun and very rewarding to be part of the weeks activities. If you are unable to volunteer, please consider a donation. I refer you to our Forest Highlands website where you can find information on volunteering, donating or both. Click Here to Volunteer! The men’s Highlander will be held September 25-28 with 96 teams competing. We had 173 teams sign up and had to resort to a lottery to establish the field. Unfortunately, 77 teams weren’t able to get into the tournament but will have priority next year if they choose to compete in 2020. Because of the number of teams on the wait list we have established a new tournament October 2-4 called the Ponderosa Open. Those 77 teams on the waiting list and unable to get into the Highlander will have priority. It should be a great new event and one more chance to show off Forest Highlands to the guests who will be attending. October is a wonderful time to play golf with nice crisp mornings and firm and fast fairways and greens. So, welcome to the second half of the summer season. In addition to the action packed golf schedule we hope you also enjoy all of the amenities that our club offers including tennis, pickleball, our world class recreation programs as well as the diversity of dining choices offered up by our food and beverage team. Enjoy!

Jim Robinson, Board President The golf season is now half completed and what an unusual year it has been so far. In May it was cold with rain and even snow. Of course, that made it unusually pleasant in the warmer places such as the valley and Las Vegas. As a result, the number of rounds played was well below what was expected. We had 2066 rounds played vs a forecast of 2900. June saw the return of warmer weather and our members arrived in record numbers. The number of rounds exceeded our forecast with 6086 rounds played vs a forecast of 5800. July, in its own way has been as unusual as May. Little or no monsoon activity has allowed record play for the month. In addition, we had a 4 th of July celebration where no one had to run for cover which led to 1300 paid attendance which is a record. Plus, there were over 200 attendees who came just to enjoy the atmosphere and listen to the band. The restaurants have been full, the recreation programs are packed, and July was just a great month to be in Forest Highlands. The Ladies Swingfest was a huge success with a full field enjoying not only the golf courses but the wonderful offerings of our Food and Beverage team. Now we turn our attention to the back half of the golf season and there are many exciting events on the schedule. The Tin Cup is Monday, August 5 and it’s always fun to put a team together and play with one of our excellent pros. Next in line are our club championships. The Ladies and Men’s events are August 10- 11 while the Couples event is August 24-25. If you have a chance come on out and play in these tournaments. There is always intense competition and it could also be a chance to meet and play with other members who you may not know.

Jim Robsinson, Board President


Patty Ashbrook, General Manager / COO

Just prior to the Women’s Mid-Am we will be holding our annual member Town Hall meeting on Saturday, August 31 at 3:00pm . This is a great opportunity to meet the candidates for the upcoming Board of Director election as well as hear updates from the board on the #FH2025 strategic planning process, a financial update and operational projections for 2019, and of course an opportunity for Q&A. The third Coffee with the GM was held on Wednesday, July 24. The seven members in attendance discussed topics with me ranging from speeding to bicyclists to basic traffic safety such as making a full stop at a stop sign. We kindly ask that everyone please be careful and courteous of others on the roadways, follow posted speed limits and come to a full STOP at stop signs. See page 13 for more safety and general reminders. The next Coffee with the GM will be on Thursday, August 29 from 8:00-9:00am at the Meadow Family Recreation Center. Hope to see you there! Patty Ashbrook, MBA, CCM General Manager / COO

After a slow start to the season in May and early June, the past 6 weeks have seen a tremendous increase in the number of members using the Club amenities. It was wonderful to see so many members with their family and friends enjoying the Independence Week activities, the Foundation set a new record at the Bearfoot in the Pines Dinner & Auction fundraiser, the Ladies Swingfest was highly successful without a drop of rain or lightning delay, and the kid’s drama performance of Aladdin this past Saturday was simply stellar. So many amazing memories were made this past month! August signals that the summer season here at Forest Highlands has officially hit the midway point. It is also the time of year when many of our families head out to start a new school year. While we may see some of our weekday use ease up, we still expect very busy weekends as we prepare for our annual golf Club Championships, the Tennis Club Invitational, an array of special dining events and fun recreation programs to keep your weekends active. Be sure to check out all of the events listed throughout this issue of the Voice for more information. Speaking of preparations, we are now a short 6 weeks away from hosting the 33rd U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship starting on September 14. A huge thank you goes out to Joc Jacquay, Championship Chair and his wife Lynne andall of themembersservingasCommitteeChairs for volunteering their time and talents to make this event a success! Another huge thank you goes out to the 32 members who have already supported the Championship through their contributions ranging from $150 - $3,500 and the 46 members who have signed up to volunteer during the event. We still need many more volunteers and of course we also need additional contributions to make it the best it can be. Please see page 11 for a link to the Volunteer and Supporter website with more information on how you can help. All contributions are tax-deductible through the FHEAGO 501c3.



To All of Our Generous Supporters...

I want to personally thank each and every Forest Highlands member who supported the Forest Highlands Foundation by participating in the Bearfoot in the Pines event a couple of weeks ago. By all accounts, this was the most successful Bearfoot event EVER. It seemed that everyone got into the act, either by participating in the silent auction, the live auction, the after-dinner party or something else. Chef Eddie outdid himself with a wonderful meal, and his generosity alone during the live auction raised almost $50,000 for the dinners he will prepare for our community members. We’re still doing the final math on the event, but we do know that gross receipts were almost $275,000. By the time we net out our expenses, we expect to have raised more than double what we would have raised in prior years when the event was considered a success. THANK YOU! Successful fundraising is, of course, not an end in itself. Successful fundraising means that we can provide increased support to local charities in Flagstaff who are helping persons who are the most vulnerable. As you may know, we partner with other nonprofit foundations in the Flagstaff community under the umbrella of the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff. This partnership gives us the ability to leverage our contributions in ways that otherwise would not be possible. More importantly, this partnership greatly enhances the visibility of the Forest Highlands Foundation throughout Flagstaff, so it is a big win-win no matter how you view it. Bearfoot in the Pines really concludes our fundraising for the year, with the exception of our year-end fundraising campaign. And so, our attention now turns to the grant- making process being coordinated by the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff. That process is well underway already, and Foundation Board members as well as volunteers from the Forest Highlands community have spent the past couple of weeks reviewing grant requests from the more than 150 nonprofit agencies in Flagstaff. Obviously, our Foundation cannot have a meaningful impact unless we focus on a few areas where even a small grant can have transformational impact. I’ll have more to report on this in the September Voice in the Pines . John Rivers Foundation Board Chair

Please watch for our final Silent Auction at the Labor Day Celebration on Sunday, September 1


Inventory in Forest Highlands is low – now is the time to list your home with the #1 team in Forest Highlands. View Listing Presentation: ALL CLOSED SALES IN FOREST HIGHLANDS AS OF 7/20/19


Listing Agent

Selling Agent

Close Date Price 2/1/2019 $830,000

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

59-2777 Bear Howard 602-2193 Platt Cline 106-2253 Edward Ayer 362-4491 Griffiths Spring 282-3584 Doc Raymond

Elevated Realty, LLC Coldwell Banker Dallas RE 2/15/2019 $385,000

Forest Highlands Realty Re/Max Peak Properties

Coldwell Banker Res

2/19/2019 $850,000 2/20/2019 $650,000 3/05/2019 $110,000 3/19/2019 $634,735 3/20/2019 $840,000 3/29/2019 $112,500 4/05/2019 $975,000 4/05/2019 $650,000 4/09/2019 $1,340,000 4/15/2019 $1,750,000 4/15/2019 $1,100,000 4/17/2019 $1,025,000 4/30/2019 $470,000 5/02/2019 $551,000 5/03/2019 $775,000 5/03/2019 $1,875,000 5/06/2019 $705,000 5/13/2019 $615,000 5/15/2019 $690,000 5/23/2019 $480,000 6/18/2019 $479,500 6/21/2019 $600,000 6/25/2019 $615,000 6/26/2019 $340,000 6/28/2019 $922,500 6/28/2019 $515,000 7/01/2019 $75,000 7/12/2019 $600,000 7/12/2019 $460,000 7/19/2019 $495,000

Forest Highlands Realty

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

Forest Highlands Realty

505-2800 Lindberg Spring Russ Lyon Sotheby’s 506-2811 Lindberg Springs Russ Lyon Sotheby’s

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

146-2605 Joe Dolan

613-2535 William Palmer 180-2041 Paleo Place 743-2500 TE McCullough 781-3349 Andrew Douglass 205-3114 Bear Howard 62-2815 Bear Howard 446- 3717 Griffiths Spring 113- 3793 Bear Howard 174- 2094 Paleo Place 260- 4661 Griffiths Spring 255- 2552 Hart Merriam 563-2130 Platt Cline 121- 2220 John Hance 445- 3711 Griffiths Spring 372- 3674 Richard Kern 556- 2145 William Palmer

Re/Max Fine Properties Non-MLS

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Flagstaff Top Producers Russ Lyon Sotheby’s Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

477-2511 Lindberg Springs Non MLS

778- 3254 Andrew Douglass West USA Realty

eXp Realty

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty


Re/Max Fine Properties Re/Max Fine Properties Forest Highlands Realty Re/Max Peak Properties

Forest Highlands Realty

537 – 2202 Tom McMillian Coldwell Banker

Forest Highlands Realty

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

Forest Highlands Realty

Realty One Group

Better Homes & Gardens Better Homes & Gardens 6/25/2019 $437,500

Forest Highlands Realty

Realty Executives

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

638- 2354 Link Smith 142- 2629 Joe Dolan 411- 2105 Aubrey 342- 3436 Lee Doyle

Realty One Group

Realty One Group

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

Forest Highlands Realty

Realty One Group

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty

857- 1267 Godfrey Sykes 529- 2098 Tom McMillan

Forest Highlands Realty

Re/Max Fine Properties

Choose The Team With Proven Results, Forest Highlands Realty With the knowledge, expertise, and experience to represent you whether you’re selling or are interested in purchasing a new home or homesite. We invite you to stop by our office at the gates of Forest Highlands or call us at (928) 556-8606 to hear which homes will be showcased that day.



An Important Reminder from the US Postal Service

If you would like to begin receiving mail (including package deliveries fromAmazon or other online services using the USPS) at your box in the Forest Highlands Mail Room, please contact the local post office at 928-714-9302. You can also leave a note securely taped to the inside of your mailbox or to the inside door to your mailbox with your mail box number on it in case it flies out when the door is opened. Please also be aware that it is against the law to tamper with the mail while it is being delivered. Please give the mail delivery person time to complete the mail delivery process before accessing the Mail Room.

Flagstaff SymphonyOrchestra at Forest Highlands Sunday,August 18 from5 - 6pm Canyon Clubroom



What the members are saying...

Forest Highlands is paradise on earth. The minute I drive thru the gate I start to relax. Our staff is amazing and seems to love being there too. It is a wonderful safe place for our children and grandchildren. Exceptional service, friendliness, quality of programming and professionals. Lots of attention to detail; staff well- trained and very service oriented. always prompt and courteous responses

Service was great, food delicious!!

Family friendly, not pretentious

The food and selection was excellent, service as well. We’ll come back soon! We enjoy the whole package - the people, the activities, the food - our family is so happy when we drive through the gate. Our server was delightful. So very attentive that we almost forgot how delicious was our meal Awesome golf, and awesome people and surroundings Great food, beautiful ambiance, and excellent service Community, amenities, 2 spectacular golf courses. Great personnel. Need I say more? It was a very good experience with Jeanette! -Spa Nicole is a fabulous instructor and motivator. We are very fortunate to have her at our club. She has put together an exciting tennis program for FH members of all abilities. Nice selection and helpful service

The people are the best!

What’s not to like!!!!

The staff is wonderful, very helpful and professional. The equipment is well maintained. The facility is small but airy and open. Everything is very clean. -Spa & Fitness The shops are well run, the pros couldn’t be better and they all treat us like royalty..

Excellent facilities, staff neighbors

Friendly, professional staff Very happy with the service! - Concierge

Best golf experience, fabulous food

Food was great and so was the service

Excellent staff and product!

Love the weather, the trees, the mountains, the golf, the people. Great trainers and variety of equipment. ~Fitness

Quality of service and food. All lovely. Nicole goes above and beyond to make sure everyone on the court is happy!! She cares about everyone that steps on her courts!! As a homeowner of Forest Highlands for just short of 30yrs there is no better place to spend our summers.. Chris (canyon ) & Chris (meadow) Made my day a great memorable round Outstanding staff and service at the golf shop. Great service. Grill, potato and salad set up was run so smoothly and the food was really good. Two amazing golf courses, lots of activities including for children, gorgeous atmosphere and climate, outstanding concierge service, great food and service. Well maintained all around! And a celebrity chef!

Nicole is a fantastic tennis pro! She is so accommodating!! A wonderful program! Service Attitude towards success Greatest staff, always eager to help and friendly, go out of their way to take care of your every need. Great staff headed by Matt Bailey , Ryan Smith and Steven Mauser. Cathy Hirko has done a great job in bringing in new merchandise this year We love spending time on the tennis court and golf course. We appreciate the camaraderie of the other players and lovely surroundings, programming and instruction...Thank you Nicole and Matt! YOU make FH great.

This years menu is delicious!

Their friendly atttude! - Concierge

Outstanding service from Leah and Jasmine and so many others! We love it up here, something for everyone in our family, all ages. Amazing staff this year including GM


Forest Highlands Dining





BOARD NOMINATION ANNOUNCEMENT To All Regular and Special Members of The Forest Highlands Association: Pursuant to Section 18, Article III of the Bylaws, this notification is a call for nominations, from the membership- at-large, for candidates for election to the Board of Directors of The Forest Highlands Association. There will be three 3-year terms open commencing on January 1, 2020 and ending on December 31, 2022. Though not required, it is desirable candidates have some prior experience serving on any of the Forest Highlands Committees. Anyone interested in becoming a candidate for the Board of Directors should contact Bob Scott, Chair of the Board Nominating Advisory Committee (“NAC”) at 623-670-2092 or or Thaxton Peterson at 602-410-2788 or to obtain and complete an application form on or before August 19, 2019. Board applications can also be found by CLICKING HERE. Any member who wishes to be included on the ballot for election to the Board of Directors must attend an Orientation Session with a member of the NAC. Orientation Sessions will be held in the Board Room at the Canyon Clubhouse with dates to be coordinated between the NAC and interested candidates. The deadline for attending an Orientation Session is August 25, 2019. All members of record as of September 1, 2019 will be eligible to vote in the election. Electronic voting instructions will be sent out by email on or before Friday, September 6, 2019 and voting will open at 1:00P.M. Paper ballots will be available upon request through the Administration Office. Electronic voting will end and completed paper ballots must be received by 1:00P.M. on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 to be counted.

Forest Highlands Named Site of Excellence by the NFPA

Firewise USA® is challenging seven communities across the United States to make homes in their area safer from wildfire in a pilot program aimed at reducing the risk in the home ignition zone. Learn more about one Arizona community’s journey in

wildfire preparedness: Forest Highlands!

Sincerely, Bob Scott, Secretary The Forest Highlands Association

Watch the NFPA’s Wildfire Preparedness Video

Club Photography Click Here Click Here All of the club photography for the 2019 season is available for digital download on our special photography page! Browse and download your favorites!


DRC Meetings

Development Standards REVISED JULY 2019 NOTE! Please find a link below for the most recent revised copy of the Development Standards. Please ensure all contractors working within Forest Highlands have a current certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the Design Review Committee. Certificates can be sent to All Plans are to be dropped off at the Administration Office (2425 William Palmer, 86005) Questions? Please email

Meeting Date Meeting Times Vary

Plan Submittals Due by 5:00pm

August 20

August 12

September 23

September 16

October 15

October 9

November 18 December 16

November 11

December 9

Reminder We would like to take a quick moment to remind pet owners that it is your responsibility to pick up after your pet! Pet waste is a major source of pollution in waterways. With the monsoons rapidly approaching please ensure that pet waste is properly disposed of. We have doggie bag locations throughout the Meadow Walking Trail! Please feel free to use these for your pet waste disposal. Your friends and neighbors will thank you! Find the Map:


Lindsey Church, Utility Operations Superintendent

The wonderful water we drink here at Forest Highlands is groundwater from the Coconino Aquifer within the Verde River Basin. The aquifer is supplied by rain and snowmelt that is naturally filtered by the earth and settles deep in the ground. This is part of a process is known as the Hydrologic Cycle. The groundwater then makes it to your tap through our distribution system (underground plumbing) that is supplied by 7 deep water wells.

Tall Weeds & Grass With the Monsoon season in full swing, the tall grass and weeds will be growing taller every day. Please keep up on growth of grass/weeds for not only appearance but safety during the fire season. Knocking down these weeds and grasses now will also prevent them from proliferating. Road Repair Work Please be aware that C and E Paving will be working in the community performing asphalt crack repairs to our roadways on August 5 & 6. The work will consist of filling the large cracks along Andrew Douglass in the Meadow and in specific areas in the Canyon including the Tom McMillan circle, T.A. Riordan and on the back side of Griffiths Spring near lot 256. This work should not prevent you from driving on the road, however please drive slowly where the work is being conducted and be aware of the workers on the roadway. This work is weather dependent so monsoon rain activity may result in delays. We will keep you informed if this occurs.

Our water is so good that it does not need to be treated! That is why I am very excited to announce that during the Rural Water Association Fall Conference I will be attending this month, our drinking water will be entered into

the “Best Tasting Water Competition”. This is a state level competition and, hey, you never know, it could go to the national level! Of my 23 year career in the water and wastewater industry, I have had the great pleasure of serving the Forest Highlands community for the past 18. My 2018 appointment of Utility Operations Superintendent following the retirement of Bill Strauss has been quite rewarding! I look forward to the future of Forest Highlands and will continue to provide safe and wonderful tasting drinking water! Look for future updates, water conservation tips, and information from the Utility Department. Lindsey Church Utility Operations Superintendent (928)525-5294 While 70% of the earth is covered in water, only 1% is suitable for drinking water. Of that 1%, 99% is considered ground water and 1% is surface water from reservoirs, lakes, and streams.


Bill Abbey, Director of Agronomy

Welcome to Monsoon Season, Arizona’s “fifth” season. What a welcome sight when thunderstorms grow all around the skies of Forest Highlands. Yes, thunderstorms interrupt many rounds of golf and yes, the wet golf courses bring on cart path only restrictions. But every living thing in Northern Arizona benefits from the Monsoon rains, including our two golf courses. These wet conditions bring about a new set of issues for our course maintenance practices. Tire ruts in wet spots, fairway divots the size of Beaver tails, ball mark craters on the greens, multiple days when we cannot cut fairways or rough. These are just the lowlights of what happens to the golf courses during Monsoon. The point I am slowly getting at is this: Please help us take care of your two fantastic golf courses. Be aware of the potential damages that can occur and repair any damages that you can, i.e., replace fairway divots rather than filling with sand, repair your ball mark and at least one other, respect cart path only restrictions and enter and exit fairways as designated by the arrow posts when the fairways are open for driving. Pride of ownership is something we have embraced as the stewards of our golf maintenance practices. Mike, Michael, Jess and Dan at the Meadow, as well as Bruce, Clint, Jake, Robert and Antero at the Canyon have worked hard to always position these

courses in the best possible condition. They all take their work home with them, they all agonize over a mistake, they all push themselves to be better than yesterday. This is a remarkable group of professionals who strive for perfection. We hope that you will understand our goals and help make the courses better each time you play. You can work wonders just by helping with a few simple repairs while you play. Divot replacement, ball mark repair and cautious driving techniques will keep the courses from getting too beaten up. These are your courses and it is easy for you to help keep them in pristine condition with just a few simple actions. Take pride in helpful gestures relating to damage control. Take pride in the course conditions. Take pride in knowing the employees care just as much as you do. Take pride that these two golf courses are ranked in the top ten courses in Arizona. Pride of ownership, a phrase that means we care and will always care. We hope that you embrace this attitude yourselves and will help us continue to offer great course conditions. Your help is extremely valuable and very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy Monsoon Season and all the joy (and disruption) that can come with it. Bill Abbey Director of Agronomy and Grounds (928) 525-5257 Breaking Par Comes to Flagstaff! The TV program Breaking Par visited Forest Highlands recently and spent some quality time with Joc Jacquay, Chair of the USGA Committee and Matt Bailey, Director of Golf while they toured all that FH has to offer! Watch the episode teaser by clicking the link to the right. The actual episode aires Saturday, August 3! You don’t want to miss it!

Click Here


Tax Deductible Donations Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

September 14th - 19th

V O L U N T E E R T O D A Y !

We are excited to host this prestigious event right here at the Meadow Course. Your support shows the visiting players that we, as a community, respect and support the game of golf! All volunteers who work a minimum of 2 shifts are invited to join us at the Volunteer Tournament on Friday, September 20 Volunteers are needed September 11 - 19 if you are available these days follow the links below to signup!

Click the links below to volunteer:


Forecaddies & Marshals:





D O N A T E :

Private Housing:


DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH & NOT ALLOWED AT CLUBHOUSES Thank you to the many Members that comply with the leash requirements of Forest Highlands and Coconino County. It has been unfortunate a few dogs off leashes have resulted in injuries to other dogs and to a Member falling. In summary, dogs off leashes are not only in violation of the noted organizational rules, but the dogs off leashes can lead to stressful experiences and possible injury. Security has increased patrolling for the purpose of reminding the Membership about the leash rule and for repeat violators, citations will be issued. Please help make the community safe! PRIVATE VEHICLES NOT ALLOWED ON GOLF COURSES All Members are asked to comply with: Vehicle use on golf courses, cart paths, walking paths or common areas other than roads is strictly prohibited. This includes the paths behind the Meadow and Canyon Clubhouses.

Firewise Cleanup Below are a few simple suggestions in maintaining a Firewise Defensible Space on your lot(s): Remove dead fuels from your property • Remove dead standing trees and logs from the ground less than 16” in diameter • Remove dead shrubby materials • Cut down dried grasses and flowers • Remove needles, leaves and branches from the ground, leaving an organic covering of approximately 1” • Clear needles and leaves from roofs and gutters • Store firewood at least 30’ (if possible; minimum of 10’) up- hill from your home Firewise landscaping alternatives around homes and buildings • Remove pine needle groundcover to allow 5” buffer of non- combustible materials next to your home • Keep deciduous ornamental trees green and free of dead branches. Also, keep branches from touching the ground • Do not allow tall grasses in your landscaping RV PARKING Recently it was found there are unregistered vehicles parked in the RV/trailer storage of the Public Works area. It is important to register all vehicles with Security for accounting purposes and in case there is a reason to contact the owner. If you have questions or need a form to register your vehicle, please email Lastly, unknown vehicles/trailers/RVs could be subject to relocation until the owner is identified.


Security monitors 911 dispatches and responds to emergencies for the purpose of supporting first responders AND members/guest/ employees if you have questions: Gatehouse: 928-525-9090 |

Jim Barquin, Director of Security or (928) 525-5290



Monday, August 5 | 9:00am Shotgun at Meadow Cost: $175 per person. This is the 12th Annual tournament called “Tin Cup”, a tournament to give members an opportunity to play with the Forest Highlands Golf Professional staff. The Professional’s score can be used for the team score and the professionals will also be playing an individual stroke play competition for a professional’s purse. Each team consists of four members and a member of the FHGC golf staff. Members should sign up as a team.

September 25-28

Legacy Cup

Thursday, October 3 & Friday, October 4 Men’s Ponderosa Open Friday, August 30 | 2:30pm Make sure to mark your calendars for the final Skins Game at Forest Highlands! Win some bucks and finish out with style at the Cooldown. Final SKINS GAME August 24 & 25 A couple is the perfect partnership! Enjoy some challenging golf and camaraderie with your favorite partner! Couple’s Club Championship Due to the high demand for this year’s Men’s Highlander, we have added a second Member Guest Invitational to the schedule for 2019.

Wednesday, August 7 Enjoy nine holes followed by a very special menu by Chef Eddie! Couple’s Nine & Dine

We are looking for players to participate in the Legacy Cup, October 23-25 at Kukui’ula, Hawaii. This event is an interclub tournament between all DMB properties. The team will consist of five men, two women and the golf professional, Matt Bailey. If we have more players then needed we will hold a qualifier for the team. The entry fee is $800 per person plus uniform expense and travel/lodging at Kukui’ula, ranging from $1,100-$1,300 per night. Questions, please contact Matt Bailey: Schedule of Events:

August 10 & 11 Men’s, Ladies’, Seniors come out and try your skills against your opponents for Championship Weekend at Forest Highlands! Championship Weekend opponents for Championship Weekend at Forest Highlands! August 7 & 17 Men’s, Ladies’, Seniors come out and try your skills against your Putting Club


Golf Event Results Starting Times...

Starting times for August: In an effort to get more golfers on the course early in the day during monsoon season, August will have the following tee times: Weekday start times: 7:30am Weekend start times: 7:00am Saturday’s at the Meadow: Double tee start. 1 guest per member allowed starting at 9:00am **Saturday’s at the Meadow only** Sunday’s at the Canyon: 8:30am & 1:30pm open play shotguns (sign up under events tab). 1 guest per member allowed in the 8:30am shotgun and 3 guests per member allowed in the 1:30pm shotgun. We have added colors to our tee sheet to coincide with the guest policy. The following explains: • Red - 0 guests allowed • Yellow - 1 guest per member • Green - Up to 3 guests • Blue - Twilight guest time • Purple - All events • Tan - Open play shotgun (sign up in events tab Colored Tee Sheet

Short Game Golf School Sunday, August 4 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Meadow Driving Range West Cost: $150 Subjects: Pitching, Chipping, Bunkers & Putting How to Sign Up: Call the golf shop or you can sign up online through Foretees Justin Klemballa


We had a great week of competition and fun in this year’s Ladies Swingfest! Congratulations to all of our flight winners and to our 2019 overall champions Marty Hancock & Dianne Lucas. Please see the link for results:

Director of Instruction

UNLV and SNGA Player JJ Gresco Wins State Amateur!

An absolutely fantastic weekend of family golf celebrating our youngest golfers! Parent - Child Tournaments

JJ Gresco knew he needed a special round to make up a big deficit heading into the final round of the Nevada State Amateur played at Reno’s Somersett Country Club. He used an ace in the final round…

Keep an eye on these young golfers they’re on their way to bigger things! Junior Club Championship



~RESERVATIONS REQUIRED FOR ALL EVENTS ~ Children 2-3 Years old may participate in recreation programs ONLY if they are accompanied by a Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) and are potty trained. For more information or a list of eligible C.I.T.’s call the Recreation Center at 928-525-9792.

NOTES FROM KURT MARTIN: Some Recreation Department Facts: What Does Recreation Oversee at Forest Highlands?

HOURS OF OPERATION Thru Sept 2 Family Recreation Center

Recreation, Aquatics, Fitness/Spa, Concierge/Residential Services, Help with Tennis, and some Parks Non-Revenue Generating Areas: (covered by your dues) • Sports Park- • Volleyball Court, 4 Basketball Hoops And Courts, Horseshoe Pits, Shed Full Of Sports Activities • Dog Park • Bocce Ball Courts • 14 Doggie Bag Stations • Doc Raymond Park • Volleyball/Badminton Net, Basketball Hoop, Horse Shoe Pit • 9 Hole Par 3 Disc Golf Course • Help With 3.2 Mile Walking Path • Children Playground • Bear Howard Sand Castle Park • Family Rec Center • 2 Pinball Machines • 2 Video Game Machines • 1 Computer Station • Foosball • Ping Pong Table • Billiards Table And Supplies • Board Games • Shuffleboard Table And Supplies • Children Center • Rentals (Frisbees, Bikes, Fishing Tackle)

Revenue Generating Areas and Programs: Recreation Programs: Adult Programs, Affinity Clubs, Family Programs, Kids programs, Tween/Teen Programs, Sport & Educational Camps Residential Services: Babysitting, Van Rentals, Private Parties, Yard Clean up, House Cleaning, Dog Walking/Sitting, Snow Removal, and Any other Services Fitness: Personal Training, Massage, Facials, FST (stretch) Aquatics: Swim Lessons Fun Facts: 2018 Total Recreation Uses : 22,244 2018 Total Membership Usage: 83.29% of the Membership used something in Recreation 2 019 Recreation and Tennis Dues: 6% of the dues go to the Recreation and Tennis Departments ($54.42 per member per month) 2018 Overall Survey Score: Recreation: 4.45 out of 5 Tennis: 4.63 out of 5

Pool Hours

Concierge Services

• Yardwork!!

Summer is upon us here in Forest Highlands, and what better way to celebrate the Season than to have your yard cleared of weeds and pine needles! Submit a Yardwork Cleanup request online for FREE estimate.”

• Shuttle Services • Snow Removal • Catering/Party Planning • Tutoring • Babysitting • Dog Walking - $15/ walk. • Dog Sitting • House Cleaning • Car Washing • While You’re Away • A Hand Around the House • Tech Services • Grill Cleaning • Treadmill Servicing • Mobile Grooming Services Terms and conditions apply. Various fees applicable. • Companion Care • Personal Stylist

• Canyon Pool • Meadow Pool • Jacuzzi • Plash Pad • Kiddie Pool

• Fitness Center • Fitness Classes • Tennis Courts • Kids Lawn Games 16 VOICE IN THE PINES | AUGUST 2019

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Kids Programs

Swim Club Wednesdays thru Aug 28 2:30 - 4:00pm Meadow Pool Deck Meet us on “deck” for organized swim! Our instructors will work with kids of all ages to master all the classic swim styles Sunday Funday! Family Trivia/Game Night Sunday August 4 | 6:30pm Meadow Recreation Center Price: $25/team Interactive game show experience.

Kids Camp & Explorer Camp Saturdays ONLY 10:00am - 3:00pm Camps continue Saturdays only from August 10 - October Drop-In Babysitting Mondays - Fridays BEGINS August 12 10:00am - 4:00pm Need to get a quick workout in or need to run into town for grocery shopping, but don’t want to bring the kids? Now that weekly camps have ended, parent can drop kid’s ages 4+ off at the Kid’s Rec Center Monday- Friday between the hours of 10am to 4pm for “drop in babysitting”. Normal babysitting fees still apply. Please reserve babysitter at least 24 hours in advance. Ages 4 and up (2 & 3 w/ CIT) A wild evening of games, movies, arts & crafts, PLUS some quality time in the arcade with pool, ping pong, Pacman and board games! Lawn Games 5:30-7:30pm Thursdays & Saturdays Meadow Event Lawn Fridays & Mondays Canyon Driving Range Price: FREE Ages 4-6 (& 2-3 potty w/ CIT) Parent’s Night Out Saturdays 6:00 - 9:00pm Pinecone Kid’s Center

FAMILY BONFIRE Saturday, August 24 | 8:00pm Sports Park Price: $5/kid $10/adult Join us at the Sports Park for a night filled with music, s’mores, hot coco and apple cider while we warm up besides the fire! This annual event is fun for the whole family!

Sunday Funday! Family Pool Party Sunday August 11 | Noon Meadow Pool Deck | FREE

Paintball Galore Saturdays thru Sept 7 Contact Recreation for where to meet: 928-525-9792 Noon - 2:00pm for Ages 12 + Up 3:00 - 5:00pm for Ages 7 - 11 Minimum 5 kids per time slot to run the program Come ready to get dirty and blast your friends and foes in games like President Carter, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch. **Be sure to wear long sleeves and long pants. We provide the face masks and paintball blasters. Space limited to 12 players so sign up early! FAMILY FIELDTRIP: Starlight Lanes Bowling! Sunday August 25 | 4:00pm Adults: $35 | Kids: $25 Tween Programs

Red Carpet Drama Screening & Awards Ceremony Friday, August 30 | 6:00pm Canyon Clubroom

Family Night Games & Movie on the Lawn Sunday, August 18 | 7:00pm Sports Park Price: $5/kid $10/adult Does your family have what it takes to win? Movie on the lawn to follow!



Adult Programs

Adult Summer Bocce League Wednesdays | 5:00 - 6:00pm Canyon Bocce Court | $30/team of 2

Mah Jongg Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm @ Meadow dining room. Please contact Vickie at If you are interested in learning how to play the game, please contact Erin Reddick at Lessons can be scheduled if there is enough interest.

Adults First Shots Shooting Range Tour & Experience Sunday, August 4 Noon - 2:00pm $20 Includes Transportation & Tour - Gun Experience Prices Vary Contact Recreation for more details: 928-525-9792

Summer Lecture Series Thursdays | 5:30 - 7:30pm NAU Hosts weekly seminars on eclectic world topics. Click the link for details.

Splash Dance Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30-9:20am

FREE Splash Dance, water aerobics for women and men of all ages. Continues until the pool closes in the fall. There is no charge and no need to pre-register. Just show up for this fun activity. If you have questions, contact Kay Lubecke @ 602-550-5009 or

High Tea Tuesday, August 6 | 2:00pm Canyon Clubroom A proper English High Tea with themed appetizers & desserts. Adult CPR / First Aid Course Tuesday, August 6 9:00am - 3:00pm Price: $35/person Join us at the Meadow Recreation Center for our Member CPR Class. Must have a minimum of 10 participants before event is cancelled.

Bridge Please join us for Bridge on Wednesdays at 1:00pm

We play in the Canyon dining room. All levels of Bridge players are welcome. We are a casual group that finds time to socialize and chat about the hands. Chicago scoring is used. Occasionally we have prizes for having a different types of hands, such as a yarborough. To join us please contact Vickie Selzer:

Yappee Hour Pups and humans of all ages Thursday, August 22 3:00 - 4:00pm Forest Highlands Pawground Free, refreshments for purchase Happy Hour for you and your pups! Dogs get to socialize with their other furry friends. +Refreshments for humans. Dogs must be friendly and socialized to participate. WAIVER REQUIRED!

Adult Cooking Class Wednesday, August 14 5:00 - 7:00pm Theme: Summertime Blues


W e offer private and small group lessonsn Our Director of Racquet Sports, Nicole Chambers is a IPTPA Pickleball Professional and a 27 year USPTA Tennis professional. Please stop by the Pro Shop or drop Nicole an email should you have any questions.

Lobster Pickleball Machine Rent it or get a season pass!

We carry a full line of pickleball paddles, bags and balls. We are introducing Forest Highlands Logo Pickleball Shirts for men and women. We also carry a full range of Pro-Tec fitness equipment should you have any aches and pains that may be stopping you from getting on the court.

Court 4 our pickleball court is available for private booking outside any programmed events.

Pickleball Affinity Club With over 100 members, including men and women of all ages and abilities, we now have Ambassadors to offer information to anyone interested. Contact one of these Ambassadors for more information about our club activities and pickleball in general: Art Palmer Vandana Sinha Len Adams Peggy Iacobelli Marian Paoletti Sharon Benson Renee Probst

Pickleball Drop-In Mondays & Wednesdays Beginner Drop-In 8:00 - 9:30am

PICKLEBALL SUMMER SHOOT-OUT Saturday, August 3 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Tuesdays & Fridays Intermediate Drop-In 8:00-9:30am

A fun event to test your doubles skills! This will be a skill based event pitting men and women against each other. Sign up with a partner in either the 7.0 or 8.0 category and enjoy the chance to “shoot” to win!

Thursdays Open Play 8:00 - 9:30am Sundays OPEN TO ALL 9:00 - 11:00am



Nicole Chambers, Director of Tennis Tennis News from the Director of Tennis Nicole Chambers…. After a blistering month on the courts, both from the heat and the fun competitive play, we would like to congratulate our Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champions, Rachael Osmani and Eric Church who took first place over runner-up team, Brandon and Amanda McCarthy. Our Annual Adult/Child “Funament” was a huge success even though everyone nearly melted on the courts from the heat. Next year, we may need it to take place in the pool! Congratulations to Eric and Evan Engstrom for winning over runner-up team Linda and Sophia London, who only lost by one game. Our Club Championships took place the last weekend in July. As always, the matches were competitive and the weather played along nicely. Congratulations to our winners!

Weekly Adult Tennis

Dynamic Doubles Clinic Mondays 4:00 – 5:30pm Advanced Clinic Tuesdays 8:30 - 10:00am Beginner Clinic Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:30am Drop-In Tennis Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays 9:00 - 11:00am Intermediate Clinic Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30 - 11:00am Mixed Clinic & Play Sundays 1:00 - 3:00pm Cardio Tennis w/TRX and H.I.T

CLUB INVITATIONAL – ARIZONA COUNTRY CLUB Saturday, August 17 9:00am – 12:00pm Join us for a morning of doubles and mixed Doubles against Arizona Country Club. You do NOT need a partner to register to play. This is the 3rd year we welcome ACC. Lunch follows play and 9 holes of optional golf. Cart fee applies. Register by Aug 10 | $25

CLUB INVITATIONAL – POCO DIABLO Saturday, August 24 11:00am – 2:00pm Join us for a morning of doubles and mixed doubles against our visitors from Sedona. Lunch follows play. Call the Tennis Pro-Shop to register: 928-525-5225 Register by Aug 17 | $25

Registration closes 1 week before the event. If we do not have enough registered, we will need to cancel.

Ask for a Private 1 hour lesson with video analysis. Lessons are available 7 days a week.

Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:00pm


Congratulations to all of our Club Championship contestants and especially to our winners! We had a very hot but thankfully dry day and managed to get all of our matches completed on time for once.

Ladies’ Club Champions Doubles: (L to R) Runners Up : Jen Mirabelli & Catherine Vanross Winners : Sarah DeCaussin & Jessica Petelin

Men’s Club Champions Doubles: (L to R) Winners : Brandon McCarthy & Ryan Buell Runners Up : Cole Stofflet & Dave Stearns

Mixed Club Champions: (L to R)

Runners Up : Amanda & Brandon McCarthy Winners : Dave Stearns & Jessica Petelin

REMINDER If you are unable to make your court booking, please cancel your reservation on line or call the pro shop. Your account will be charged a penalty fee for NOT cancelling within an hour of the court booking.

Junior Programming All junior programming for the 2019 season ends August 3. Private lessons are still available!

Men’s Singles Club Champions: Winner: Brandon McCarthy & Runner-Up: Bassel Osmani 21 AUGUST 2019 | VOICE IN THE PINES

Bianca Gardner, Assistant Director of Recreation

Dear Members, It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am stepping down from my current position at Forest Highlands, after this coming Labor Day weekend. Over the past 4 years, I have taken pride in managing and growing the Fitness and Spa here. I have developed relationships with many of you, and enjoyed seeing some of you throughout the year, and others coming back each summer. In October 2018, I decided to expand my career horizons by enrolling in a Life Coaching Certification program. My original goal was to offer Life Coaching and Weight Coaching services to Forest Highlands’ members, as an additional service within the fitness/wellness department. After I became certified as a Life and Weight Coach, I discovered that I had a true passion for it, and I began to entertain the thought of doing it as a full time career. I was torn between pursuing my new found passion, or continuing to grow within my position at Forest Highlands. Throughout the summer my passion for life coaching continued to grow and so did my skills, and my client base. I realized that I could not balance both careers and I had to choose where I would focus my time and energy. Therefore, I have decided to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and go into coaching full time. Kurt Martin and I have discussed what my role could be moving forward. I will continue to work at Forest Highlands part time as a personal trainer, class instructor, and assistant to the Recreation Department for the remainder of the year and possibly even next season. When it is time to re-hire someone to replace me, I have offered to help in training that individual. So, this is farewell but not goodbye forever. Please feel free to reach out by email, phone, or stop by my office any time in the next month. I will miss seeing you all on a regular basis! Kind regards, Bianca Gardner Assistant Director of Recreation Fitness, Wellness, Spa, and Aquatics 928-525-5223

POOL HOURS Canyon Pool Open 6am-8pm Lap Swim 6am-8:30am, 3:00-8:00pm Water Aerobics/Splash Dance 8:30am-9:30am Open Swim 10:00am-7:00pm Canyon Pool closed until 8:30am Tuesdays for Maintenance

NEW! Aqua Fitness with Sarah on Tuesdays 10:30am-11:30am

Meadow Pool Open 9am-8pm Lap Swim 9:00am-10:00am

Swim Lessons Available Private lessons are scheduled at the convenience of themember and the availability of the instructor. The cost is $45 per 30 minute session. Call the Fitness Center for more information on how to register for swim lessons! 928-525-5298

Open Swim 10:00am-8:00pm Meadow Pool closed until 10am Wednesdays for Maintenance. Meadow Pool use and hours may be affected by some Recreational Programs.


Bianca Gardner: 928-525-5223

Fitness Center Open Daily: 6:00am - 8:00pm

Fitness Center: 928-525-5298









Reformer Pilates Angie (FR) Restorative Yoga Laura (RC) Reformer Pilates Angie (FR) Strength & Conditioning Biagio (FC) Reformer Pilates Angie (FR) Cardio Boxing Bianca (RC)

VIRTUAL Mobility Yoga

Core-Stretch- Balance Sarah (FR)

TRX for Golfers Biagio (FR)

Reformer Pilates Angie (FR)

Spin/TRX Sarah (FR)

Body Sculpt Veronica (FR)

8-9 AM

Mat Pilates Angie (FR) Strength & Conditioning Sarah (FC)

Mat Pilates Kelly (FR) Outdoor Bootcamp Biagio (SP

9:15- 10:15 AM

Spin/TRX Sarah (FR)

Body Sculpt Bianca (FR)

Gentle Yoga Michael (FR)

Sunday Spin Sarah (FR)

Mat Pilates Angie (FR) Aqua Aerobics Sarah (Meadow)

Core-Stretch- Balance Sarah (FR)

Core-Stretch- Balance Sarah (FR)

10:30- 11:30AM

VIRTUAL Cardio Boxing

Reformer Pilates Angie (FR)

Body Sculpt Molly (FR)

VIRTUAL Member’s Choice Pick a class! VIRTUAL RIP Barbell Workout

VIRTUAL Mobility Yoga

VIRTUAL Barre Sculpting 30 min

VIRTUAL Member’s Choice Pick a class!

11:45PM- 12:45PM

Reformer Pilates Angie

Reformer Pilates Angie

TRX for Golfers Biagio (FR)

Golf Stretch/Roll (1:45-2:15pm) Shawn (FR)

Golf Stretch/Roll (1:45-2:15) Shawn (FR)

VIRTUAL Member’s Choice Pick a class!

VIRTUAL Member’s Choice Pick a class! VIRTUAL Jillian Michaels Shred 90 min

VIRTUAL Extreme Training VIRTUAL Revolution Spin

VIRTUAL Member’s Choice Pick a class! VIRTUAL Hard Core Yoga 45 min


VIRTUAL Cardio Boxing

VIRTUAL Vinyasa Yoga 90 min

2:15- 3:15PM

TPI Golf Fitness Shawn (FR/FC)

TPI Golf Fitness Shawn (FR/FC)

FR = Flex Room FC = Fitness Center RC = Recreation Center SP = Sports Park

New Offerings in the Spa this Year • Online bookings through the Foretees App • Fire Cupping Therapy • Body Scrubs • CBD Oil Massage • Mobile Spray Tanning Spa Services Book a session in one of our spa treatment rooms, or in your home, by calling the Fitness Center or you can now login to your Foretees account and click on “Book a Spa Treatment”. We require a minimum 24 hours advance notice for bookings and cancellations. See the new Spa Menu:

Personal Training Prices 60 min 30 min Single = $75 Single = $40 3 sessions = $210 3 sessions = $114 6 sessions = $390 6 sessions = $210 12 sessions = $720 12 sessions = $390 24 sessions = $1,320 24 sessions = $720 Meet Our Personal Trainers! We are excited to have a fabulous team of trainers available to meet all of your fitness goals this year! To see their individual biographies click the link below!

Fitness Classes are FREE!! Please pre-register online to save your spot. Guests pay $10 per class. Note: Virtual classes will be changing from Les Mills to a larger selection of NEW fitness videos including Spin, Yoga, Tai Chi, Gillian Michaels workouts, and more.



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