VIP August 2019

Lindsey Church, Utility Operations Superintendent

The wonderful water we drink here at Forest Highlands is groundwater from the Coconino Aquifer within the Verde River Basin. The aquifer is supplied by rain and snowmelt that is naturally filtered by the earth and settles deep in the ground. This is part of a process is known as the Hydrologic Cycle. The groundwater then makes it to your tap through our distribution system (underground plumbing) that is supplied by 7 deep water wells.

Tall Weeds & Grass With the Monsoon season in full swing, the tall grass and weeds will be growing taller every day. Please keep up on growth of grass/weeds for not only appearance but safety during the fire season. Knocking down these weeds and grasses now will also prevent them from proliferating. Road Repair Work Please be aware that C and E Paving will be working in the community performing asphalt crack repairs to our roadways on August 5 & 6. The work will consist of filling the large cracks along Andrew Douglass in the Meadow and in specific areas in the Canyon including the Tom McMillan circle, T.A. Riordan and on the back side of Griffiths Spring near lot 256. This work should not prevent you from driving on the road, however please drive slowly where the work is being conducted and be aware of the workers on the roadway. This work is weather dependent so monsoon rain activity may result in delays. We will keep you informed if this occurs.

Our water is so good that it does not need to be treated! That is why I am very excited to announce that during the Rural Water Association Fall Conference I will be attending this month, our drinking water will be entered into

the “Best Tasting Water Competition”. This is a state level competition and, hey, you never know, it could go to the national level! Of my 23 year career in the water and wastewater industry, I have had the great pleasure of serving the Forest Highlands community for the past 18. My 2018 appointment of Utility Operations Superintendent following the retirement of Bill Strauss has been quite rewarding! I look forward to the future of Forest Highlands and will continue to provide safe and wonderful tasting drinking water! Look for future updates, water conservation tips, and information from the Utility Department. Lindsey Church Utility Operations Superintendent (928)525-5294 While 70% of the earth is covered in water, only 1% is suitable for drinking water. Of that 1%, 99% is considered ground water and 1% is surface water from reservoirs, lakes, and streams.


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