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Bill Abbey, Director of Agronomy

Welcome to Monsoon Season, Arizona’s “fifth” season. What a welcome sight when thunderstorms grow all around the skies of Forest Highlands. Yes, thunderstorms interrupt many rounds of golf and yes, the wet golf courses bring on cart path only restrictions. But every living thing in Northern Arizona benefits from the Monsoon rains, including our two golf courses. These wet conditions bring about a new set of issues for our course maintenance practices. Tire ruts in wet spots, fairway divots the size of Beaver tails, ball mark craters on the greens, multiple days when we cannot cut fairways or rough. These are just the lowlights of what happens to the golf courses during Monsoon. The point I am slowly getting at is this: Please help us take care of your two fantastic golf courses. Be aware of the potential damages that can occur and repair any damages that you can, i.e., replace fairway divots rather than filling with sand, repair your ball mark and at least one other, respect cart path only restrictions and enter and exit fairways as designated by the arrow posts when the fairways are open for driving. Pride of ownership is something we have embraced as the stewards of our golf maintenance practices. Mike, Michael, Jess and Dan at the Meadow, as well as Bruce, Clint, Jake, Robert and Antero at the Canyon have worked hard to always position these

courses in the best possible condition. They all take their work home with them, they all agonize over a mistake, they all push themselves to be better than yesterday. This is a remarkable group of professionals who strive for perfection. We hope that you will understand our goals and help make the courses better each time you play. You can work wonders just by helping with a few simple repairs while you play. Divot replacement, ball mark repair and cautious driving techniques will keep the courses from getting too beaten up. These are your courses and it is easy for you to help keep them in pristine condition with just a few simple actions. Take pride in helpful gestures relating to damage control. Take pride in the course conditions. Take pride in knowing the employees care just as much as you do. Take pride that these two golf courses are ranked in the top ten courses in Arizona. Pride of ownership, a phrase that means we care and will always care. We hope that you embrace this attitude yourselves and will help us continue to offer great course conditions. Your help is extremely valuable and very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy Monsoon Season and all the joy (and disruption) that can come with it. Bill Abbey Director of Agronomy and Grounds (928) 525-5257 Breaking Par Comes to Flagstaff! The TV program Breaking Par visited Forest Highlands recently and spent some quality time with Joc Jacquay, Chair of the USGA Committee and Matt Bailey, Director of Golf while they toured all that FH has to offer! Watch the episode teaser by clicking the link to the right. The actual episode aires Saturday, August 3! You don’t want to miss it!

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