VIP August 2019

DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH & NOT ALLOWED AT CLUBHOUSES Thank you to the many Members that comply with the leash requirements of Forest Highlands and Coconino County. It has been unfortunate a few dogs off leashes have resulted in injuries to other dogs and to a Member falling. In summary, dogs off leashes are not only in violation of the noted organizational rules, but the dogs off leashes can lead to stressful experiences and possible injury. Security has increased patrolling for the purpose of reminding the Membership about the leash rule and for repeat violators, citations will be issued. Please help make the community safe! PRIVATE VEHICLES NOT ALLOWED ON GOLF COURSES All Members are asked to comply with: Vehicle use on golf courses, cart paths, walking paths or common areas other than roads is strictly prohibited. This includes the paths behind the Meadow and Canyon Clubhouses.

Firewise Cleanup Below are a few simple suggestions in maintaining a Firewise Defensible Space on your lot(s): Remove dead fuels from your property • Remove dead standing trees and logs from the ground less than 16” in diameter • Remove dead shrubby materials • Cut down dried grasses and flowers • Remove needles, leaves and branches from the ground, leaving an organic covering of approximately 1” • Clear needles and leaves from roofs and gutters • Store firewood at least 30’ (if possible; minimum of 10’) up- hill from your home Firewise landscaping alternatives around homes and buildings • Remove pine needle groundcover to allow 5” buffer of non- combustible materials next to your home • Keep deciduous ornamental trees green and free of dead branches. Also, keep branches from touching the ground • Do not allow tall grasses in your landscaping RV PARKING Recently it was found there are unregistered vehicles parked in the RV/trailer storage of the Public Works area. It is important to register all vehicles with Security for accounting purposes and in case there is a reason to contact the owner. If you have questions or need a form to register your vehicle, please email Lastly, unknown vehicles/trailers/RVs could be subject to relocation until the owner is identified.


Security monitors 911 dispatches and responds to emergencies for the purpose of supporting first responders AND members/guest/ employees if you have questions: Gatehouse: 928-525-9090 |

Jim Barquin, Director of Security or (928) 525-5290



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