VIP August 2019

To All of Our Generous Supporters...

I want to personally thank each and every Forest Highlands member who supported the Forest Highlands Foundation by participating in the Bearfoot in the Pines event a couple of weeks ago. By all accounts, this was the most successful Bearfoot event EVER. It seemed that everyone got into the act, either by participating in the silent auction, the live auction, the after-dinner party or something else. Chef Eddie outdid himself with a wonderful meal, and his generosity alone during the live auction raised almost $50,000 for the dinners he will prepare for our community members. We’re still doing the final math on the event, but we do know that gross receipts were almost $275,000. By the time we net out our expenses, we expect to have raised more than double what we would have raised in prior years when the event was considered a success. THANK YOU! Successful fundraising is, of course, not an end in itself. Successful fundraising means that we can provide increased support to local charities in Flagstaff who are helping persons who are the most vulnerable. As you may know, we partner with other nonprofit foundations in the Flagstaff community under the umbrella of the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff. This partnership gives us the ability to leverage our contributions in ways that otherwise would not be possible. More importantly, this partnership greatly enhances the visibility of the Forest Highlands Foundation throughout Flagstaff, so it is a big win-win no matter how you view it. Bearfoot in the Pines really concludes our fundraising for the year, with the exception of our year-end fundraising campaign. And so, our attention now turns to the grant- making process being coordinated by the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff. That process is well underway already, and Foundation Board members as well as volunteers from the Forest Highlands community have spent the past couple of weeks reviewing grant requests from the more than 150 nonprofit agencies in Flagstaff. Obviously, our Foundation cannot have a meaningful impact unless we focus on a few areas where even a small grant can have transformational impact. I’ll have more to report on this in the September Voice in the Pines . John Rivers Foundation Board Chair

Please watch for our final Silent Auction at the Labor Day Celebration on Sunday, September 1


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