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the forest highlands association newsletter VOLUME 27 ISSUE 1 — JAN-FEB 2020 INTHEPINES

Dining..................... 12 Realty..................... 14

General Manager..... 2 Club News................ 3

Security.................... 7 Fitness. .................... 8 Recreation. .............. 9

expenses versus incorporating more of the cost of doing business into the monthly dues and spreading it out among the entire membership. The elimination of these fees continues that change in philosophy. Members using the dining facilities will no longer see the automatic 20% service charge on food and beverage purchases. Hourly wages paid to the dining staff are sufficient so that the servers are not dependent on either the service charge or gratuities to supplement their earnings and there are no expectations by the staff to receive a tip of any kind. The optional gratuity line will remain on the chits for those members who feel that exceptional service warrants a specific server to receive a tip that is over and above their hourly wage, however it is entirely optional and not expected. At the January Board meeting, Officers were elected and Committee Chairs were appointed. The Officers for 2020 are President JimRobinson, Vice President Kevin Smith, Treasurer Kevin Czerwinski and Secretary Thaxton Peterson. The list of Committee Chairs are located on page 3. Each of the Committees will be in need of volunteers for the 2020 Season. The role of Committees is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board, GM and Leadership Team by researching issues, providing critical member input, offering suggestions, as well as supporting Club functions, events and activities. The 2020 Committee Volunteer form can be downloaded here . I look forward to seeing you at the many events we have planned during the month of February. Be sure to make your reservations now for a delectable Valentine’s Day dinner on Friday, February 14 and kick off a romantic weekend getaway at your Paradise in the Pines.

Patty Ashbrook, General Manager / COO

Welcome to the first issue of the Voice In The Pines for 2020 – we have so much to catch you up on! The Winter Season at Forest Highlands has been full of activities so far and we have a lot more scheduled to keep you fit and active (see the Fitness Schedule ), satisfy your taste buds (see Chef Eddie and Chef Fred’s culinary options ), and make your visit to the High Country both relaxing and fun (see Recreation and Concierge ). Your FH Leadership Team and Staff are actively engaged in developing new and exciting programs and special events as they prepare your Summer Season Calendar of Events. All of your favorites are included such as the Taste Of Forest Highlands on June 13, the Tennis Pro-Am and Party on June 20, the Bearfoot in the Pines Dinner and Auction on July 11, Ladies Swingfest from July 14-16, Men’s Highlander from September 16-19, and of course our three signature holiday BBQ’s with the Food Truck Festival scheduled on July 5. We are also very excited to add a fourth Celebrity Guest Chef to the lineup this summer. As the Leadership Team prepares the Calendar of Events, they are also hard at work reviewing the results of the Member Survey and incorporating your suggestions and feedback for improvements and revisions to our operation as part of their Departmental Season Plans for 2020. We sincerely appreciate it when you provide us feedback, either by submitting the periodic quick surveys or by filling out the more comprehensive end of season surveys. We love to know when we do something right, but we also need to know when we have not met your expectations so we can improve. One significant change to our operation for 2020 is the elimination of the 20% dining service charge and the $4 service charge in the golf operation. Over the past two years, the Board and Leadership Team have evaluated the philosophy of charging “user fees” to offset

Patty Ashbrook, MBA CCM General Manager / COO


2020 CALENDAR AT A GLANCE Golf Courses Open........................................................................May 1 Canyon Dining Opens. ..................................................................May 1 Mother’s Day Brunch...................................................................May 10 Summer Expanded Dining Hours Begin....................................May 19 Pools Open...................................................................................May 22 Recreation Summer Programming Begins................................May 22 Memorial Day BBQ.......................................................................May 24 Denise Martinez Memorial Pro-Am Tournament. ...................... June 1 Member - Employee Tournament................................................ June 7 Couples Invitational............................................................ June 10 - 12 Taste of Forest Highlands......................................................... June 13 Member Member. ................................................................ June 19 - 21 4th of July BBQ .............................................................................July 4 Bearfoot in the Pines Dinner & Auction.....................................July 11 Swingfest.............................................................................. July 14 - 16 Club Championships.......................................................... August 8 - 9 Couple’s Club Championship........................................ August 22 - 23 Labor Day BBQ. ................................................................. September 6 Highlander.................................................................. September 16 -19 Ponderosa Open.......................................... September 30 - October 2

Calendar of Events is coming Soon... Watch your mailbox the first week of April for the 2020 - 2021 Calendar of Events! Not updated your permanent mailing address in a while? No Worries! Send an email to pass@fhgc. com with your updated mailing address. Don’t forget to include your member number. We can’t wait to welcome you back for another Summer Season right here at Forest Highlands! In the meantime we have weekend dining & children’s activities for the rest of winter & spring! Join us! Another successful cookie exchange at Forest Highalands! A fun time was had by all who attended!

Committee Chairs Design Review: Jim Robinson Finance: Kevin Czerwinski Firewise: Pete Kloeber Foundation: John Rivers Golf: Kevin Smith Greens: Dirck Iacobelli House: Todd Weber Legal: Kevin Smith Master Plan: Thaxton Peterson Recreation: Teri Schwab Security: Mike Cahill Sustainability: John DiVall

Call for Committee Volunteers!

2020 Board Officers Jim Robinson, President Kevin Smith, Vice President Kevin Czerwinski, Treasurer Thaxton Peterson, Secretary Now is the time to volunteer for one of the many Committees at Forest Highlands.

Committee Volunteer Form



WhattheMembers are saying...

Fantastic food and friendly service.

Club Photography Click Below or logon to

Always nice eating at the Meadow!

They continue to be very responsive and helpful with any requests I have made.

The staff is always great! And we enjoyed the holiday dinners!

Community Security and beautiful surroundings and The Golf Courses.

Great service. Delicious dinner. A winner.

They did a wonderful job for my wife’s birthday at Meadow.

Amazing service and amenities!


Very good food and service at the Meadow! We only go up a few weekends in the winter and it is nice having the Meadow open!

The quality of the golf course and the membership

Lynn Babcock 2057 Al Beasley

Alton & Tami Jones 1753 Jim Simmons Christopher & Crystal Anderson 5837 Griffiths Spring Matthew and Kris Toeller 1721 Doc Fronske Dan and Lynn Bellino 5726 Griffiths Spring Grant & Nina Russell 1876 Bessie Kidd Best Thomas Bodensteiner 2493 William Palmer Ian Accomazzo 3756 Richard Kern Tom and Tara Ritchie 4450 Griffiths Spring Rick and Peggy Federico 2429 Clara Coffin

Great food and atmosphere. We need to support our services. Reasonable cost for quality. Great place for a family and big plus is two courses. The food is excellent an and I love the staff. They really go out of their way to take care of us. We have been in FH since 1989, built 3 homes (and involved with 3 spec homes), and have enjoyed the club, restaurants, golf, and friendships for all those years. We like the more “natural feel” of FH, and hopefully we can stay that way for years to come.

Club does its best to make members happy

great food, service and atmosphere

The beauty of the neighborhood and its setting in the wonderful town of Flagstaff. The stability of the neighborhood is key.

Excellent food.

As always, it was excellent service and food! We love coming here. Always available, always takes care of whatever is needed; are always courteous


Forest Highlands Dining





Our very own pastry chef Alfonso Zamudio-Osuna created custom cupcakes for the children to brighten their holiday season! The children were on a shopping trip with local first responders, an annual holiday event for underprivileged children. Once the children (and their shopping partners) had

A HUGE THANK YOU We want to personally thank the following individuals for their kindness and generosity when donating gifts for our Adopt-A- Family drive this holiday season:

The Manson Family The Bartlett Family The Loprino Family The Dooley Family The Paparella Family The Thomas Family

Guest Authorization Pol icy Who needs a Guest Authorization? • If yo ur guest(s) are planning to use the Forest Highlands facilities unaccompanied they need to be authorized by a member. Persons renting or leasing a home in Forest Highlands are not entitled to be Authorized Guests. 1. Log on to the website. 2. Under the HOA drop down menu heading click Guest Authorization 3. Fill out the online form, for each person person to receive a Guest Access Authorization and click Submit . 4. You will receive a confirmation email once you successfully submit the form. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 2 Instructions to apply for Guest Authorization completed their rounds, it was off to the checkout lines. They could — and many did — stop for a cookie or a cupcake provided by pastry chef Alfonso Zamudio-Osuna of Forest Highlands.. “I find it a way to continue to be part of my community even from afar,” said Zamudio-Osuna, who grew up in Bullhead City. “I find joy in seeing the children receiving cupcakes and cookies at 7 in the morning. “This community has given me so much, so I wanted to find a way to give back. As a pastry chef, I didn’t find that a candy cane would be sufficient at the end of their shopping experience, so that’s when I began creating custom cupcakes for the children; just to add a tad more thrill to a day that is already incredible.”

All of the donations were delivered to the Northland Help Center by the Recreation staff just in time for Christmas!

GLOSSARY : Authorized Guests All individuals who are not members; not currently renting a home; that a member would like to authorize for unaccompanied facilities access. Unaccompanied NOT in the physical presence of a member. Facilities Fitness Center, Snackbars, Parks, Recreation Programs, Recreation Center, Locker Rooms, Pools, Tennis Facility, Tennis Programs, Dining and all other Common areas.

hours please contact the Administration Office: Call 928-525-9014 or email

Policy Effective Thru April 1, 2020

IMPORTANT: Beginning November 1, 2019 Guest Authorization is free during the winter season. The fees will be reinstated beginning April 1, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: No physical cards are created with the Guest Authorization program. Instead a list is circulated of the current authorized guests to the Leadership Team & Staff to ensure use is approved.


Development Standards REVISED November 2019 NOTE! Please find a link below for the most recent revised copy of the Development Standards. Please ensure all contractors working within Forest Highlands have a current certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the Design Review Committee. All Plans are to be dropped off at the Administration Office (2425 William Palmer, 86005) Questions? Please email

Design Review Meeting Date Meeting Times Vary Plan Submittals Due by 5:00pm

February 17 - 11:00 a.m.

February 12

March 16 - 11:00 a.m.

March 11

April 20 -11:00 a.m.

April 15

May 18 - 2:00 p.m.

May 8

June 15 - 2:00 p.m.

June 5

July 13 - 2:00 p.m.

July 3

August 17 - 2:00 p.m.

August 7

September 14 - 2:00 p.m.

September 9

October 19 - 2:00 p.m.

October 14

November 9 - 11:00 a.m

November 4

SIGNUP FOR HOUSEWATCH TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT IN WINTER If you are considering Housewatch, please email Security at If you would like to discuss the program, the best two Security employees are the Housewatch Coordinators, Devin Holden (1st Shift Supervisor) and Joe Gordon (Assistant Director of Security) Find the full details of the program & signup form here: Contact Security today! 928-525-9090

SELL A VEHICLE? TURN OFF THE TRANSPONDER! Please email Security to report when a vehicle is sold, otherwise the transponder remains active! Let us know so we can deactivate it.


DwellingLive Resident / GUEST LIST CLEANUP In the Spring/2019 the Security Team did and audit of visitor lists within the dwellingLIVE resident/guest program. Member profiles that appeared to have excessive names of people and/or contractors on “PERMANENT” lists, copies of the lists were emailed to the respective Members. In doing so, many names were removed from the lists, which are used to allow entry into the community. This exercise is a good way to maintain a safe community and helps the Gatehouse staff process visitors in an efficient manner. The Security Team is currently doing a second audit of the “PERMANENT” lists and those appearing excessive will be sent to the Members. In advance, thank you for working with the Security Department in maintaining clean visitor lists.

ALARM RULE COMPLIANCE MANDATORY : The Forest Highlands HOA requires all homes communicate with the Forest Highlands Security Gatehouse. Home alarms must be programmed to: • Detect fire/smoke; and • Do auto daily (24-hour) testing with the Gatehouse The requirements are for the safety of the homes and Community. The importance of “Daily Testing” is the Gatehouse receives a “no signal” message if an alarm does not automatically report in on a daily basis. When a “No Signal” message is received the Security Department will contact the member to report the non- communicating alarm; SUGGESTION : For peace of mind that your alarm is armed (SET), consider having your alarm programed to provide an “open/closed” signal. When such feature is arranged, a member can request Security query the alarm monitoring system to determine if your alarm system is armed, aka, “closed” signal; NOTE: TheAlarm communication auto testing and the open/closed signal option, has to be programmed by your alarm company; and If you have questions about alarms, our in-house go to staff are: Joe Gordon, Assistant Director, & Devin Holden, 1st Shift Supervisor, or they can be reached by phone, (928) 525-9090


While the Security Gatehouse staff are available to provide current road conditions for the Forest Highlands community, it is difficult to keep up on highways/interstates conditions leading to Flagstaff. If you are not aware, here are a few resources to help get you up to


date on road conditions & weather forecasts: Arizona road conditions can be obtained by calling 511 or the internet, National Weather Service visit:

Security monitors 911 dispatches and responds to emergencies for the purpose of supporting first responders AND members/guest/employees.




Fitness Center Open Daily: 6:00am - 8:00pm

Please welcome our newest staff members: Carlie Nannini, Massage Therapist & Alec Goldhirsch, Personal Trainer

Fitness Classes FREE!! Please pre-register online to save your spot. Guests pay $10 per class! Please pre-register online to save your spot. Check out our new selection of Virtual Classes! Click below to view the February schedule

Alec Goldhirsch Education: Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology and Chemistry, Northern Arizona University Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Biography : I began my fitness journey as a varsity athlete, training and competing in wrestling, football, basketball and golf. I have grown my understanding and appreciation for building programs focused on injury prevention, functional performance and exercise safety. I have 4 years of experience personal training and teaching group fitness classes in private, public and independent organizations. I strive to create a welcoming environment in which every member feels safe, motivated and capable of creating healthy life-style habits in. I enjoy working personally with individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals. Thanks to the dedication of my previous clients, goals such as fat loss, muscle building and improvements in sports performance and overall quality of life have been successfully achieved. Hobbies : Cooking, Hiking, Biking, Travelling Carlie D. Nannini, LMT, RYT200 In 2008 Carlie graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy. Since then she has accumulated over 1,500 hours of continued training and countless hours of hands on experience. In 2014 she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training bringing even more depth to her massage practice. Carlie enjoys combining multiple therapies to bring the most relief to her clients. Combiningmodalities such as, deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, ashiatsu, fire cupping, reflexology, and passive stretching, as well as offering one on one yoga instruction. Her bodywork focuses on promoting flexibility, increased circulation, stress reduction, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and maintenance care. Her yoga classes are a mix of hatha, vinyasa, and yin traditions. Each class focuses on alignment, connecting to the breath, and quieting the mind. Her caring and intuitive nature helps her to create a safe space to facilitate her clients ownhealing journey. She aims to bring awareness to the mind-body-soul connection as she offers high quality, skilled, and intuitive bodywork to each and every one of her clients. Carlie has worked in many different settings over the past decade, from spas to chiropractic offices. She currently has a private practice in Flagstaff, AZ. Growing up in the diversely beautiful state of Utah, a passion was sparked for stunning landscapes which has fueled her exploration of the greater southwest, the Four Corners region, and the West coast of the United States, all places Carlie has been lucky enough to call home. She is happy to be putting down roots here in Flagstaff, Arizona, a place which has again left her in awe of the astounding landscapes. When she’s not doing massage or practicing yoga you can find her spending time with her loved ones, exploring the natural world, reading, dancing, painting, cooking up creations in the kitchen, or hiking with her beloved dog.

Fitness Class Schedule:

Register for Fitness Classes

PERSONAL TRAINING Call the fitness center to set up a free 30 min gym orientation: 928-525-5298 NEW In 2020: In-Home Training Save time and have our Personal Trainers come directly to your home! Our instructors design customized training programs based on your goals and lifestyle and bring it to you. Free initial consultation! NEW In 2020: Small-Group Training Are you looking for better results from your current fitness routine? Small- Group Training may be the answer. Classes are designed for small groups to receive high attention, class specificity, and affordable personal assistance.


val Serv


h F

One Time Snow Removal Service You will have the opportunity to call on a one-time basis, but we will not be accepting emergency calls. Snow Removal service will be by appointment only. Appointment times must be confirmed by Recreation . $70/hour with an hour minimum every time we clear your driveway. Call for Availability: 928-525-9792

Bermor Path If you would like your berm removed, or a path for Security House watch, it will be $35/berm or path.

Pine Needle Clearing & Reflector Stake Installation Service Get the pine needles removed from your driveway and have reflective stakes installed to mark the driveway for winter. Call for pricing: 928-525-9792 Porches, decks and patios can be blown off (to remove pine needles and dirt) and prepared for winter snow removal.

Concierge Services • Shuttle Services • Yardwork • Catering/Party Planning • Tutoring • Babysitting • Dog Walking • Dog Sitting • House Cleaning • Car Washing • While You’re Away • Hand Around the House

Rentals: Basketballs Soccer balls Volleyballs

Don’t Just Survive but Thrive! with Bianca Gardner! Life Coaching and Weight Loss Coaching Concierge Services • Packages now available • Identify self limiting beliefs • Transform your health - mentally, physically, and emotionally • Get rid of bad habits, create new empowering habits • Individualized coaching and practical tools to help you with relationships, over-drinking, weight loss, nutrition, planning, and finding your purpose • Develop actionable plans to achieve your goals • Online (video chat) or in-person coaching sessions available • Book a FREE 30 minute consultation with Bianca today! Call the Recreation Center for more information.

Disc Golf Discs Bicycles for All Helmets Baby & Toddler Rentals: (Stroller, car seat, high chair, & play crib)

• Companion Care • Personal Stylist • Tech Services • Grill Cleaning • Treadmill Servicing

NEW IN 2020! Basketball Clinic

• Mobile Grooming Services Terms and conditions apply. All Requests should be made 24 hours in advance. For those requests that are asked and met under the 24 hour mark, will be charged a “Day of” fee of $15.

Learn the fundamentals and develop your skills on the court. Get more one on one time with the coach. Classes instructed by experienced players and educators who love to share their knowledge and can tailor their training to specific goals that players have.

more info



Pop & Paint Night Friday, February 14 6:00 - 9:00pm Ages 4 and up! 2-3 with CIT Cost: $40/painter Come to the Aspen Rec Center for a night filled with fun! Grab your favorite soda or float and join us while we have a guided painting experience! Spaces limited for this holiday Pop & Paint Night! Call or go online to register. 24 hour cancellation policy strictly enforced. Teen & Tween Fort Tuthill Snow Park Fieldtrip Saturday, February 15th 10:00am - 3:00pm Ages 7+ Calling all Teens & Tweens! Join us for our first ever fieldtrip to Fort Tuthill’s Snow Park! From groomed tubing runs to a designated kiddie hill, as well as passive snow play opportunities, we have something for everyone. Build a snowman, or relax and watch the action, it’s entirely up to you. *Weather permitting. Reserve your spot today! Sledfest Sunday Sunday, February 16 Noon - 2:00pm Family Event! All ages welcome! Cost: FREE Join us Sunday February 16th @ 12PM for sledding fun! Meet at the Family Rec Center for hot chocolate and treats** before heading out to the sledding hill (End of Meadow Driving Range). *Program is dependent upon weather! We need 1ft of snow minimum to sled, solid base for snowmobile rides. **Additional cost for hot cocoa and treats may be applicable. President’s Day Weekend Programming


Pajama Jam Saturday Nights October-May 6:00 - 9:00pm Pinecone Kid’s Center

Craft and Movie Night Friday Nights October - May 6:00 - 9:00pm Pinecone Kid’s Center Join us for an evening filled with unique, themed crafts and a movie! Dinner included! Ages 4 and up! 2-3 with CIT Price: $30

Dress in your coziest pajamas and join us for a fun filled event! We play games, build forts, do arts & crafts, eat dinner, and much much more! Ages 4 and up! 2-3 with CIT Price: $30

2020 Camp Package Pricing: 50 Package $1,750 ($35/camp) 30 Package $1,140 ($38/camp) 1 5 Package $600 ($40/camp) 1 0 Package $430 ($43/camp) 5 Package $230 ($46/camp) Single Day $50 (with 24 hour registration) Drop-Off $60

Winter Camp Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm

Join us at the Kid’s Center for some old fashioned winter fun! Whether it’s building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or sledding on the driving range, Camp is sure to keep the kids entertained for the day! Wear your warmest winter gear in case we decide to hit the best sledding hills Forest Highlands has to offer. *Outdoor fun weather permitting Ages 4 and up! 2-3 with CIT



Registration Required! Spring Break Field Trips: Ages 6 & up! Lunch Included Minimum of 4 Kids Required Monday, March 9: Bearizona 10am - 3pm Camp Prices + $33/kid Tuesday, March 10: Flag Tag 4:00pm - 7:00pm Camp Prices + $16/kid Wednesday, March 11: Sedona Horseback Riding 10:00am - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $70/rider Thursday, March 12: Grand Canyon Deer Farm Noon - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $12/kid Friday, March 13: Peter Rabbit Movie 10:00am - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $25/kid Monday, March 16: Out of Africa 10:00am - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $50/kid Tuesday, March 17: Summit Gymnastics Ninja Warrior 4:00pm - 7:00pm Camp Prices + $12/kid (Ages 7+) Wednesday, March 18: Camp Prices + $36/kid (Ages 7+) ~Height requirements on website~ Thursday, March 19: Bowling Noon - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $12/kid Friday, March 20: Trolls World Tour Movie 10:00am - 3:00pm Camp Prices + $25/kid Flagstaff Extreme 10:00am - 3:00pm

~RESERVATIONS REQUIRED FOR ALL EVENTS ~ Children 2-3 Years old may participate in recreation programs ONLY if they are accompanied by a Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) and are potty trained. For more information or a list of eligible C.I.T.’s call the Recreation Center at 928-525-9792. F E B R U A R Y HOURS OF OPERATION Family Recreation Center (Game Room) Sunday-Thursday 8am-5pm Friday-Saturday 8am-8pm Aspen Recreation Center (Middle Room) Sunday-Thursday 9am-5pm Friday-Saturday 9am-8pm Pinecone Kids Center Sunday-Thursday 9am-5pm Friday-Saturday 9am-8pm Steam Rooms 6:00am-8:00pm daily Steam rooms are infused with eucalyptus oil. Jacuzzi Hours of Operation: 8am-6pm Monday-Sunday The Thermal cover will remain on to conserve heat, please feel free to remove it or ask a recreation staff for assistance.

Kid’s Programs: Ages 4 & up! (2-3 w/ CIT) Pinecone Kid’s Center

Spring Camp Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm

Join us at the Kid’s Center! Camp is sure to keep the kids entertained for the day! We do crafts, play games, and visit the parks on property. Lunch and snacks are provided. Craft & Movie Night Friday Nights March 6:00 - 9:00pm Price: $30 (Dinner included) Join us for an evening filled with unique, themed crafts and a movie! Dinner included! Pajama Jam Saturday’s 6:00-9:00pm Ages: 2 and up Cost: $30 (Dinner Included) Join us for a fun evening at the Kid’s Rec Center where we will play games, build forts, and use our imaginations to have an awesome time!



**Regular Dinner Menu Available all weekend!!


Dinner 5:00 - 8:00pm Dinner 5:00 - 8:00pm


Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm

Weekend Dining Schedule Friday, February 14


Dinner 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Saturday, February 15 Lunch 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Dinner 5:00-8:00 p.m. Sunday, February 16 Brunch 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Brunch 9:00am - 2:00pm


Sunday, May 10 | Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday, May 24 | Memorial Day BBQ Saturday, June 13 | Taste of Forest Highlands SAVE THE DATE!

Dinner 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Monday, February 17 Continental Breakfast @ Rec Center 8:00am - Noon


Dining Winter Hours of Operation The current Meadow Clubhouse hours of operation will run throughout the Winter Season. Come and sit at our massive bar and watch your favorite football game or sit in the dining room and enjoy our wood-burning fireplace. Chefs Eddie Matney & Frederick Miller will have a NEW creative menu available every weekend. Don’t forget to also join us on Sunday mornings for our bottomless mimosas and our exceptional brunch menu.

Book your Forest Highlands wedding or event today! We have dates year-round and look forward to building a beautiful event specially for you! Find the Catering Packet Below or contact Karen Harting to book your date today: (928) 525-5227 CLICK HERE


● All Special Events will be charged a 50% cancellation fee if canceled less than 24 hours before the event.” ● No show fee for not cancelling a reservation.




ALL CLOSED SALES IN FOREST HIGHLANDS AS OF 1/20/20 Inventory in Forest Highlands is low – now is the time to list your home with Forest Highlands Realty the #1 team in Forest Highlands.


Listing Agent

Selling Agent

Close Date Price

Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty Re/Max Excaliber

756-1721 Doc Fronske 43-5726 Griffiths Spring

1/7/2020 $825,000 1/15/2020 $935,000 1/16/2020 $1,170,000

724-1876 Bessie Kidd Best Forest Highlands Realty Forest Highlands Realty


View Past 2019 Closings:

Choose The Team With Proven Results ~ Forest Highlands Realty With the knowledge, expertise, and experience to represent you whether you’re selling or are interested in purchasing a new home or homesite.

Click here to see all available listings in Forest Highlands

We invite you to stop by our office at the gates of Forest Highlands or call us at (928) 556-8606 to hear which homes will be showcased that day.


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