FHF Annual Report 2022


The work of the Foundation and the charities that it supports really does change lives, and helps to make Flagstaff a more vibrant community for everyone. This year in particular has been one in which the impact of the generosity of you, our donors, has been overwhelmingly felt throughout the greater Flagstaff Community.

Sharon Manor is for survivors of domestic violence and their children experiencing homelessness.

Since opening, Sharon Manor has helped more than 1,140 victims and their children transition to self-reliance through its holistic program.

Sharon Manor is longer-term, supportive, and affordable housing (up to 2 years), and is not a shelter.

The demand for Sharon Manor is great. We currently have a wait list of families in need of housing and supportive services.

Sharon Manor residents engage in comprehensive, one-on- one case management and group trainings as they work to rebuild their lives.

We need volunteers to help with our ongoing children’s program. Email Sharon Manor’s Children’s Program coordinator today to learn more: andreas@sharonmanor.org

Santiago is a Native American male who moved to Sharon Manor a year ago at the age of 20. He moved in to escape the abuse he was experiencing from his alcoholic mother. Santiago experienced emotional, verbal, and physical abuse throughout his childhood. As the oldest child, Santiago had to care for his siblings; he became responsible for his mom’s safety, as she struggled with mental health and substance abuse. Santiago had to save his mother on multiple occasions from attempted suicide. Once he turned 18, Santiago began to look for ways he could escape, but he felt guilty for leaving his siblings. His mom also threatened to end her life if he left. Santiago was stuck in a nightmare. After wrestling with the feelings of shame, guilt and fear, Santiago made the difficult decision to find safety and leave his home. When he moved into Sharon Manor, Santiago began case management; he set small goals and attended weekly appointments where he learned about the cycle of abuse and how it had impacted his life. He also started attending our personal development groups that focus on topics like boundaries, codependency, shame and guilt, self-esteem, power and control and artwork as therapy.

Santiago worked to get a better, higher-wage job where he was promoted within a few months. He shared with staff that Sharon Manor has made a positive impact on his life. Groups have given him the opportunity to share with other survivors and learn that he is not alone. He has also talked about getting into therapy and seeing a primary doctor, things that he swears would not have been a priority before. He was too busy worrying about survival. Santiago also has shared that Sharon Manor provided him with a safe place where he can heal from the trauma he experienced. He is thankful that he no longer wakes up in panic, like he did as a child, living with his mom. Now that he is healthier and has increased income, Santiago is looking for permanent housing. He has applied to several local apartment complexes and is looking forward to moving into permanent housing soon.



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