FHF Annual Report 2022

Forest Highlands Foundation

Forest Highlands Foundation is the unique philanthropic vehicle representing the Forest Highlands community in its support of non- profits serving the greater Flagstaff area. Now in its twenty third year, the Foundation was originally established by Forest Highlands residents, and is run, staffed, and funded by volunteers from our community.


The Forest Highlands Foundation exists to make the greater Flagstaff community a better place for all by supporting effective local charitable organizations. The Foundation encourages, coordinates and leverages the generosity of Forest Highlands members to create identifiable impact on the needs of the community, with primary emphasis on human services for people at risk and programs focused on breaking the chain of poverty in future generations.

OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS Forest Highlands Foundation operates with term limits for Officers and Board members in a way that ensures continuity but balances it with the regular involvement of new people and fresh ideas.

2022 FOREST HIGHLANDS FOUNDATION BOARD Chair, Ethan Braunstein* Vice-Chair, Marcus Sipolt* Treasurer, Edward Lesser*

Larry Aldrich Jean Brown Kathy Haake Renee Haas*

Paul Paparella John Rivers* Vickie Selzer Marilyn Seymann

Bob Golub, Emeritus Richard Russell, Emeritus Len Huck, Emeritus

Teri Kelley

Teri Schwab

*Connotes members of the Executive Committee



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